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Air Plant Tillandsia " Capitata Peach "

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  • MaterialAir Plant Tillandsia
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[Joinflower Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Air Plant Tillandsia " Capitata Peach " by Joinflower Joinfolia. 


Tillandsia capitata Peach can grow to be 60 cm and it blushes peach when it blooms. It has thick, succulent leaves. The plant from there in the trade with the same name is actually T. capitata Silver Rose.





Air plants are unique flora that will add life to your space and bring a smile to your face. 


No soil need! Your air plant will love bright, indirect sunlight.
Submerge in water weekly and allow to dry thoroughly. 


1. It doesn't need soil to grow (Air Plants)                          
2. Leaves in rich oxygen supply(Purification Plants)
3. Rare to find (Noble Plants)
4. Single plant would yield up to a dozen pups.                    
5. Used with great effect in decorating or landscaping.    
6. Most plants will survive fine with little or no fertilizer.
7. Will grow on almost anything: branches, cypress knees, roots, seashells, grapevine wreaths, rocks, and even a piece of monofilament fishing line.                        
8. Most species can withstand near freezing temperatures. Although preferring temperatures in the seventies (Fahrenheit)    
9. Plants with good growing conditions seldom are bothered by insects or fungus.                                               
10. Tillandsias are NOT toxic to animals.
 * Joinflower Co., Ltd. specializes in Luxury garden accessories with a home decoration for home and office. We strive to provide excellent service and excellent support on all our products. 


* We take great pride in our exclusive products. Our designer draw inspiration from time- honored designs from all over the world to create unique collections at an excellent value and we always hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality. 


* We are the world's largest  grower of Tillandsia  in South Korea.
We are cultivate 500,000 Air Plants (500 species of Tillandsia) in our about 4,000 square meter farm.


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Air Plant Tillandsia _ Capitata Peach _

Air Plant Tillandsia _ Capitata Peach _

Air Plant Tillandsia _ Capitata Peach _

Air Plant Tillandsia _ Capitata Peach _